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Metriqa Limited

The Financial Crime News is published by and copyright is owned by Metriqa Limited, a UK limited liability company owned and controlled by John Cusack, who also edits Financial Crime News.

John Cusack is one of the World’s most experienced Financial Crime Compliance Leaders, establishing and leading global teams at both UBS and Standard Chartered Bank. John Cusack is a two time Co Chair (including current Co-Chair) of the industry leading Wolfsberg Group, and an artisan expert adviser on fighting financial crime. 

contributorsGuest Contributors (so far) include:

Steve Munro, Global Head of Sanctions Compliance, Emerging FCC Risks and Higher Risk Clients. Standard Chartered Bank

Katie Perrot, Group Head FCC Strategic Intelligence, Standard CharteredBank

Solomon Abiakalam, Group Chief Risk & Compliance, Cellulant Corporation, Nigeria 

Graham Barrow, recognised expert, freelance investigator and author. 

Hillary Rosenberg, Global Head of Anti Bribery & Corruption at Standard Chartered Bank

Andrew Williams. a highly regarded UK Lawyer at Simmons & Simmons, Consultant and former top Legal & Compliance Chief at UBS 

Patricia Sullivan, Global Co-Head FCC Standard Chartered Bank 

Vincent Heintz, Regional FCC Head, Europe & Americas, Standard Chartered Bank

Markus Schulz, Global Head FCC Controls, Standard Chartered Bank