FATF Member Countries LEA – KPI Related Data by FCN 2022

Financial Crime News has collected information from 37 FATF member countries and Indonesia as an observer and the UAE which is a GCC member, which is also an observer at FATF.

The information includes data on convictions fror money laundering, human trafficking and foreign bribery and contains information on asset seizures and confiscations. The data refers to different years and is as recent as possible, to the extent that such information is publicly available and can be identified and sourced.

See below for additional data. Contact the Editor FCN for more details or access to this data.

The following Effectiveness ratings for FATF Member Countries plus Indonesia and UAE are summarised below as summarised from the FATF Consolidated Ratings November 2022

This information has been collected by and is the property of Metriqa Ltd and Financial Crime News and should not be distributed or used without the consent of the Editor Financial Crime News.

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