FCN Issue 3 Published and Access to Premium Content

Issue 3 Financial Crime News & Premium Membership access to Intelligence Briefings/Threat Assessments

Today Issue 3 of FCN’s Quarterly Magazine is published and is available to download. Goto Here

This issue leads on FCN’s own “Global Threat Assessment,” (GTA) which estimates the size and summarises the largest criminal markets, Country exposures, money laundering methods and criminal groups. 

The Global Threat Assessment will be available shortly on Financial Crime News Premium  

Extracts from the GTA and included in this FCN 3 include a Country Threat Assessment on the UK, Money Laundering Methods, such as Securities, Transaction and Virtual Currency Based ML, and extracts from FCN Intelligence Briefings on Islamic State, Illegal Wildlife Trafficking and Illegal Fishing, which are each also available in full to Premium Members.

Regular features including the Editors Summary, news from FATF and the spotlight on technology and innovation by Markus Schulz, focussing on the Caspian Transaction Investigator, Libra and ISO20022 are also included.

Last but not least 2 book reviews, “The Enemy of the People” and “Poached,” and “the Last Word” from the Editor. I hope you enjoy this Issue.

Goto: Here: for the e-version of this FCN3 and of FCN1/FCN2 as well as other materials to read/download.

Goto Here: to register for Premium membership to access detailed Intelligence Briefings on Islamic State, Illegal Fishing and Illegal Wildlife Trafficking with more to follow, including soon, the Global Threat Assessment and on Human Trafficking.

For FIU’s / FI’s / Professionals interested in a trial one time access to review available materials, contact Financial Crime News/Johncusack.FCC@gmail.com

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