FCN Sub Saharan Africa Threat Assessment – Third Country Risk Outside SSA

Beyond the risks evident within and between Countries in Sub Saharan Africa, are the risks that exist with third Countries outside the region, where trade links play a significant role in raising living standards but also present opportunities for criminal activities to thrive. SSA has overall a positive trade balance exporting more than it imports, exchanging petroleum products & other fuels, raw metals and minerals, crops such as cotton, coffee, cocoa, tea, rubber and timber, for imports of goods, including of refined petroleum products, capital goods such as equipment for drilling and extraction and for transmission, including electricity and communications, as well as manufactured and consumer goods. Fore more see HERE. Third Countries 

The Countries below are Sub Saharan Africa’s largest trading partners, largest investors and aid providers, as well as countries from where nationals have family ties to many millions that live in the region itself. These links are essential for Sub Saharan Africa’s future growth and prosperity, but they also mask and help disguise criminal activity, which is exploiting Sub Saharan Africa’s natural resources in many cases on an industrial scale.

Explore the map below by clicking on the Country to download risk information.

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