Human Trafficking Cases – Prosecutions and Convictions Analysed by FCN

According to the annual US State Department Trafficking in Persons Reports global investigations were reported at just 10,572 (of which 1,379 were of forced Labour) with convictions at  5,260 (of which  374 were of forced Labour) for 2021. These 2021 figures represent just 55% of the total number of prosecutions in 2015, and 80% of the convictions in  2015. The ratio of convictions to prosecutions in 2021 was 50%. For more details see the data from the US TIP 2022 below

Human Trafficking Prosecutions & Convictions in FATF Member Countries

Whilst FATF Member Countries represent more than 90% of Global GDP, they were responsible for HT prosecutions of 2,637 in 2021, or just 25% of the total global HT prosecutions and HT convictions of 1,800 in 2021, or just 34% of the total global HT convictions.

Based on the available 2021 figures, the top 6 FATF member countries in terms of numbers of prosecutions are the UK (466), Greece (342), Canada (245), Turkey (238), the USA (228), and The Netherlands (201). Leading member countries for convictions are the UK (332), The Netherlands (205), Italy (204), and the USA (203) and Greece (116).  Together these countries make up 65% of all FATF member county prosecutions and 59% of all  FATF member county convictions.

Looking at the more complete 2020 figures shows some interesting differences, but Covid impacts should also be taken into account. For prosecutions, China (1,059), and India (463) have the highest numbers for cases, however the number of traffickers are expected to be higher. On prosecution of traffickers, Turkey (347), the UK (267), Germany (262), France (244), Indonesia (232 – cases), the USA (210) and Netherlands (120). Convictions highlight the USA (309), Indonesia (259), Germany (224), UK (197), and Italy (175).

Fore more details see the more detailed report HT – Final Nov 2022.

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