Mexico Financial Crime Threat Assessment 2022 by FCN

The Financial Crime Country Threat Assessment for Mexico is now available. To download the Mexico Financial Crime Country Threat Assessment 2022 click HERE: Mexico Sept 2022 FINAL

Mexico is both a G20 and FATF member country with moderate to high threats (31/100) and a Moderate Response (50/100) with an overall Moderate risk (41/100) (based on the FCN Financial Crime Country Risk Model). 

Mexico’s last NRA was published in 2020, which focussed, to no one’s surprise on organised crime including drug trafficking gangs and corruption being the key threats. OCGs operating in Mexico pose a major threat not only to Mexico but are highlighted elsewhere including in the USA and in Europe, with the threat from Mexican drug trafficking activities very significant. 

The USA also highlights OCG involvement in people smuggling through Mexico and into the USA, whereas Mexico highlight’s the problems from arms trafficking coming in the opposite direction, increasing gang violence. 

The Mexico FATF MER was published in January 2018. The MER concluded that most of the key authorities have a good understanding of ML and TF risks. Effectiveness ratings and scores though were low though with just 4 SE positive scores, 4 ME & 3 LE ratings, including on ML convictions and asset recoveries. ML convictions were just 10 (2016), 72 HT convictions (2021), 0 foreign bribery convictions (2021)and US$333 million seized and US$2 million recovered to 2016. 

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