New Zealand Financial Crime Country Dashboard 2022 by FCN

The Financial Crime Country Dashboard for New Zealand is now available. To download the New Zealand Financial Crime Country Dashboard click HERE: FCN Dash April 2022 Pbd

The main financial crime threats facing New Zealand are Drug dealing, fraud, and tax evasion which have been identified in the NZ National Risk Assessment as being the main financial crime threats.  Furthermore the money laundering typologies of cash and remittance are also regarded as being high risk, closely followed by lawyers, real estate agents, and high value dealers.  Forfeitures and restraints, are dominated by physical cash, cash in bank accounts, properties, and vehicles., and as a percentage of estimated domestic criminal proceeds are significantly higher than the estimated global averages.

This Dashboard is based on a comprehensive evaluation of the Financial Crime threats as well as the responses as summarised in the 100 page New Zealand Threat Assessment 2022 by FCN published HERE.

For more on New Zealand see the FCN interview with Christiaan Barnard, Head of New Zealand Police’s Financial Crime Group. Click HERE.

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