OP/ED – USA Financial Crime Threat Assessment 2022 by FCN

The following is opinion and comment from Financial Crime News, relating to the US fight against financial crime, and is an extract from FCN’s comprehensive USA Threat Assessment 2022. The TA was produced to provide a digestible, condensed and thought-provoking summary of US ML/TF/FC and PF threats and responses for financial crime fighters to contemplate.

Before the fight against money laundering, came the war on drugs and then on organised crime. By targeting /disrupting and seizing the money (so the theory goes), the financial incentive behind these crimes should result in a material change in behaviour by criminal organisations………

To continue reading download here: Op&Ed2022PbdFINALJCSEPT 2

For the comprehensive USA Financial Crime Threat Assessment See: HERE.

For the FCN USA Financial Crime Summary Dashboard See: HERE.

For an analysis on whether the US is a High Risk Country See: HERE.

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