Selected Facts and Figures – from 2014

facts and figures
global 2012 GDP or the size of the World Ec0nomy
US$70 trillion
total assets under management managed by top 500 FIs
US$62 trillion
Wolfsberg Group member banks total assets combined amounting to around a quarter of the total assets held by the World’s top 1,000 Banks
US$20.8 trillion
GDP or the size of the world’s biggest economy, US US$14.9 trillion
total value of assets held on deposit in Banks US$11 trillion
tax fraud and tax evasion losses US$4.75 trillion
total value of banknotes and coin in circulation
US$4.2 trillion
average daily turnover of FX transactions
US$3.9 trillion
total assets under management managed by Blackrock, the largest financial asset management firm US$3.3 trillion
total amount of fraud proceeds
US$2.75 trillion
total amount invested in Hedge Funds globally US$2.3 trillion
total amount of criminal proceeds
US$2.1 trillion
GDP or the size of the 8th largest economy: Italy US$2.1 trillion
total Global Military Expenditures
US$1.7 trillion
US$1.7 trillion
total amount of criminal proceeds laundered perhaps the world’s 10th largest industry
US$1.6 trillion
total amount of bribes paid US$1-1.6 trillion
total amount of criminal proceeds generated by Organised Crime
total amount of money generated from Counterfeiting & Piracy US$691.5bio
largest market generating criminal proceeds, the US
total amount of money generated from Drug Trafficking
total amount of international money remittances in 2012 largely flowing via Money Services Businesses US$400bio
total amount of money generated from Human Trafficking US$240bio
total amount of money generated from Smuggling US$162bio
total amount of money generated from Illegal Gambling US$140bio
EU VAT fraud costs States lost tax revenues US$100bio
total amount of money generated from Environmental Crime
total international trade in conventional arms US$60bio
illicit trade in Oil and Gas US$54bio
costliest man-made environmental disaster, for BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico (incl largest fine of US$4.5bio)
US$42-65bio (est)
largest corporate accounting fraud, Enron Corp US$40-45bio
illicit trade in tobacco US$40.5bio
The wealthiest Charity in the World, the Gates Charitable Foundation US$37bio
total value of wildlife smuggling & poaching US$32bio
largest amount of funds embezzled by a kleptocrat - President Suharto of Indonesia (1967-98)
fines levied against FIs since 1989 to end June 2014
costs and investments by FIs in AML Programme US$18bio
largest Ponzi Scheme, Bernie Madoff ’s Ponzi Scheme
Largest sanctions fine for BNP ParibasUS$8.9bio
value of authorised small arms & light weapons sales US$8.5bio
largest rogue trader losses by Jerome Kerviel at SG US$7.2bio
criminal proceeds seized by authorities in 2010 US$3.1bio
largest diamond producing country, Botswana US$3.25bio
largest corruption related fines and penalties for UK’s GlaxoSmithKline US$3bio
Largest fine for assisting in Tax evasion – Credit SuisseUS$2.8bio
Largest AML fine for a financial institution – JP Morgan re Madoff
Second largest AML (incl Sanctions related) fine for a financial institution - UK’s HSBC US$1.96bio
largest fine for insider dealing – SAC CapitalUS$1.8bio
total amount of money generated from kidnap and hostage taking
total amount of money generated from forgery US$1.1bio
the largest recorded robbery, the Central Bank of Iraq US$1bio
total number of credit, debit and prepaid cards in circulation
1 billion
the worlds most expensive sale of a private property, the Villa Leopolda on the French Cote D’Azure
paycheque in 1997 for Drexhel star banker Michael Milken before being charged with racketeering charges
the Cullinan Diamond is the largest and most expensive diamond ever found owned by De Beers and valued at
total number of people using illegal drugs 176-329mio
estimated annual payout to Somali pirates for kidnap for ransom
the most expensive painting sold at auction is Francis Bacon’s portrait of Lucian Freud
the world’s most expensive car sold at auction, a 1957 Ferrari Testa Rossa
total thefts, largest in the world by country is US
suspicious activity reports (SARs) filed in 2011, nearing
the no of PEPs listed in the database from Dow Jones
costs for the AQ attack on America 9/11 US$400-500,000
most expensive bottle of wine sold at auction, a 1947 Cheval Blanc Bordeaux
the largest number of murders in the world is in Brazil
most Kidnappings for Hostage annually - Mexico 18,000

Key Facts and Figures on Financial Crime and contextual comparisons, from “Red Alert” published in 2014 (not yet updated) by John Cusack. Please contact the author for more details.

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