Sub Saharan Africa Financial Crime Country Index 2020

The FCN Sub Saharan Africa Financial Crime Index – 2020, rates 40 Countries, as to the financial crime threats they face, and the responses taken to mitigate these threats resulting in an overall Risk score and ranking. For more details see below.

EXPLORE THE MAP BELOW – Hover & then click on the Country for more information.

The Sub Saharan Africa Financial Crime Country Index is based on a proprietary methodology, that takes more than 20 separate indices to generate scores across 40 Sub Saharan African Countries with scores for “Threats” and “Responses” and in aggregate “Risks”.

For More details see the METHODOLOGY HERE.

Overall Country Ratings

Threats Scores & Ratings

Responses Scores & Ratings

Risk Scores & Ratings

Overall Country Threat, Response & Risk Scores

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