The Wolfsberg Group Due Diligence Questionnaire – Additional Capacity Building Materials now available

Correspondent Banking 

The Wolfsberg Group has now published materials supporting the implementation of the Correspondent Banking Due Diligence Questionnaire (CBDDQ) – Watch the video overview about the CBDDQ, its development and purpose and use the 12 videos covering each section of the CBDDQ.  These new tools should be used in combination with the CBDDQ itself as well as previously published Completion Guidance and FAQs document. These materials have been designed to aid ‘capacity building’ in the industry, as well as support the objectives of the G20 and other supranational organisations towards a well supervised and more harmonised regulatory standard in correspondent banking. 

The Wolfsberg Group expects that these materials will be very useful to public sector entities as they work with banks and countries looking to enhance their own financial crime compliance programs, as well as to banks and other financial institutions for their own training needs. 

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