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Global Threat Assessment – By John Cusack – Available Now to Read / Download - Premium

Global Threat Assessment
by John Cusack

Despite the limitations presented in estimating criminal activity designed to be hidden, the results in the Global Threat Assessment present a bleak picture. 

Criminal markets are generating more illicit funds than at any other time in our history, with ever more harmful effects inflicted against every Country, against billions of people and against our increasingly fragile environment.

We are witnessing the transformation of organised crime into very big business, leveraging networks to connect criminal actors, adopting poly criminality, embracing new cyber tools and opportunities afforded by the transformation to digital.

How big, which Countries, by what Methods and by which Gangs, is summarised in this Global Threat Assessment, using over 100 publicly available studies or reports from credible sources, together with personal observations and recommendations from the author.

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Intelligence Briefing – Illegal Unregulated & Unreported Fishing by FCN

Illegal Fishing represents one of the largest markets open to and exploited by organised criminal groups, but beyond overfishing and the environmental challenges this brings, other serious crimes are also involved, including drugs and human trafficking, corruption and tax evasion, particularly effecting developing Countries. its time Illegal fishing was considered as a major financial crime issue as well as an environmental one. For more read the Intelligence Briefing on IUU Fishing by FCN. 

To Read the Intelligence Briefing IB – Illegal Wildlife Trafficking – Final 9-9-19.

Fishing Facts

With fish and other aquatic animals an important part of many peoples diet, it’s estimated by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, that we catch approximately 171 million metric tons (likely more than 2 trillion fish) annually (2016) worth an estimated USD362 billion.

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Intelligence Briefing – Illegal Unregulated and Unreported Fishing by FCN - Premium

The following is a short summary on Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) Fishing, and is taken from a detailed Intelligence Briefing available with Premium FCN Professionals Membership.

The 20 Page Intelligence Briefing, details how big the trade is, how the Trade works, who ks involved a current state threat assessment, available potential Red Flags and or Key Risk Indicators and what Financial Crime Fighters and Financial Institutions (particularly those that consider themselves and or their operations to be at risk of involvement) can do to help. There are spotlights on endangered species, and a focus on IUU Fishing off African waters. IUU Fishing affects us all and is one of the least well understood, but prevalent crimes, making billions of dollars for criminals

A PDF version of the Intelligence Briefing to read/download is available: see below. 

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CITES Meets in Geneva – Wildlife at Risk

Governments, Trade Associations and NGO’s are meeting to talk trade and conservation with concerns around Elephant Ivory, Rhino Horn and the fate of the Mako Shark being high on the agenda at a CITES Wildlife Conference in Geneva. In all more than 50 proposals have been tabled for discussion, which include proposals submitted on not only Elephants, Rhino’s and Sharks but also on Pangolin’s, Big Cats and Giraffes. 

As concern for the future of the wildlife on our planet increases, the international body tasked with regulating trade in endangered species is once again gathered for its 18th Conference of the Parties (COP) in Geneva being held between the 17-28th August, 2019. Originally slated for May 2019 in Sri Lanka, it was switched after the Easter terrorist attacks in March that killed more than 250.

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