United Kingdom Threat Assessment 2021 – by FCN

This United Kingdom Threat Assessment by Financial Crime News for 2021 is now published. To download the UK Threat Assessment click here: UK Final July PBd 2021

The main Financial Crime threats are from fraud, drug trafficking,  cybercrime, human smuggling, human trafficking, acquisitive crime, wildlife trafficking, tax offences and corruption (mostly from overseas).

Based on an evaluation of all 43 FATF Member/Observer Countries by FCN (representing 87% of Global GDP), the UK faces significant threats ranked as equal 7th/43 (with Italy) behind Russia, India, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey & China. On Responses the UK is ranked 3rd best out of 43 countries, behind the USA & New Zealand and just ahead of Italy, Spain, France, Germany & The Netherlands. Putting threats and responses together, the overall net Risk (Responses minus Threats) ranks the UK at equal 20/43 countries. 

The UK is scored overall at 56/100 for financial crimes and money laundering by FCN. Threats are rated Moderate – High at 35/100 & Responses High at 77/100. 

To download the summary 2 page UK Country Dashboard with KPIs/KRIs (see Graphic below) click here: UK FC Country Dashboard 2021 Pbd

Financial Crime Threat Assessment – UK 2021

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