Wolfsberg Annual Forum 2019

This Wolfsberg Annual Forum was held in Thun, Switzerland on 22-24 June, 2019 including 3 days of a public private conversation critiquing, problem solving, information sharing and committing to actions in pursuit of furthering the fight against financial crime. This followed the Groups own summer meeting, which considered refinements to the Group’s strategic work plan, developing next steps in delivering AML/CTF programme effectiveness and the Correspondent Banking DDQ capacity building work.

The summer meeting transitioned into the Annual Forum, which welcomed a mix of over 100 global anti-financial crime leaders, who had travelled from all 4 corners of the globe and constituted Wolfsberg members, non-member banks, law enforcement, national FIUs, regulators, supranational’s and international standard setters. These leaders provided candid and insightful commentary from both public and private sector perspectives and supported panels to discuss effectiveness, modernisation, demystifying cyber-enabled crime, the Cloud and innovation trends, what is happening across the industry and current concerns. These panels were complemented by a dozen interactive workshops covering a range of financial crime issues aligned to the Group’s priorities in the financial crime arena and supplementing the plenary discussions resulting in an excellent, productive and engaged few days.

Information Sharing and Public Private Partnerships are frequently discussed and promoted. These come in many different forms but there are few better and longstanding examples than the Wolfsberg Group’s Annual Forum.

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